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Honest Foods Straight From the Farm

NYFarm2Door started out of a real need for local food. The quality of New York agriculture is as good as any where in the world, yet there seems to be a deficiency of quality meat and dairy in NYC. Our mission is provide NYC with quality foods straight from the farm.

Part of our founding idea is that people who live in NY should be buying their food from other people who live in the NY area. We get all of our products from farmers who live just a couple hours from the city. This is important to us for so many reasons, not just so we reduce our carbon footprint, but also to support our fellow hard working New Yorkers.

Ask yourself where does your money go? Do your meal choices support your community or a business in the Midwest? We hope you agree with us that the best food is grown right in our backyard. Support New York agriculture! The other key factor is that we hand select our meat and we don't mean from some warehouse or factory. We goe to the farm and inspect every animal before it is processed. And you're welcome to also. We encourage you to visit the farms we source our meat from. Do you really know who raises the food you eat? We suggest that you do, as you should know who raised it and how it was processed. Ask these questions:

What breed of animal is it?
What farm does it come from?
Slaughter date / How long has it been aged?
If who you get your meat from is someone who can't answers these questions, you should have a salad....

The most important thing of all is YOU! You are why we do this. We want to see all our friends and family who live in our community eat real, quality food again. An egg straight from the nest is life changing. A pasture raised chicken breast will have you thinking you were eating chicken for the first time. As for the beef, the cows get to walk around and eat their natural diet of great quality fresh grass and live on average twice as long as their grain fed sibling. What does this mean for you?? More flavor and it's healthier too!

Michael Solyn is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY and has a Certificate of Proficiency in Chinese cooking from the Sichuan Institute of Higher Cusine in Chengdu, China. Michael also holds a Certificate in Meat Processing and Food Safety from SUNY Cobleskill and is NYS Serve-Safe-certified. He has cooked in many restaurants in Manhattan including Daniel and Bouley. Michael began to develop this business concept while attending the certificate course at SUNY Cobleskill. He spent time on farms getting to know the farmers, and fully came to appreciate the quality and health benefits of grass fed meats. Feel free to e-mail Michael at



Caitlan Clare Grady is Mike’s partner. Originally from Jefferson, NY, she grew up eating venison, ramps, foraged mushrooms, garden-grown veggies, raw milk and home preserves. Mike and Grady met while working as chefs in NYC, quickly realizing they shared a dream to open a small butcher shop that sourced locally.  Equipped with a Nationally Accredited ServeSafe Certificate, Grady oversees the butcher shop and wholesale accounts, while practicing as an apprentice butcher.

For wholesale orders, please contact Grady at

Cait Grady

The Butcher Shop, at 160 Lake St., Roxbury, NY, 12474, (614-886-0510) where the foods are processed, has its state 20-C licence, and all of the recipes are currently being approved by a Food Scientist at Cornell, and are on file with NY State Agriculture and Markets. In addition, we have DOH permits in Delaware County and NYC.



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